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Hand Casting Information

All of our life casting kits include detailed step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial.

The molding material is a seaweed-based material called alginate. It is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable and safe for the skin - including babies. Alginate is used every day in the medical and dental fields for various applications. Alginate is specially formulated to create amazingly detailed, high quality molds of body forms and accessories. If you have concerns, we recommend you check your sensitivity by testing it on your skin by mixing ½ tsp of alginate with ½ of water.

Although the mold is very strong and firm, it is also very flexible and slippery inside. You might feel some suction, but do not worry – a slight wriggle will help you remove your hands

The molding material is not reusable as the set material needs to be peeled away from the finished casting. The mold itself is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Of course you can. For best results:

(1) The ring or bracelet should not be loose – it must be tight to the skin.  If the molding material can get between your skin and your jewelry then it will tear the mold.

(2) Simpler, smoother and engraved rings work the best.  Other jewelry may not always turn out as they can tear the mold when the hand is removed.

(3) Be extra careful when removing the ring hand from the mold.  You want to move sideways to remove the ring from the mold before pulling the hand upwards and out of the mold. 

(4) Unless your watch is waterproof – please remove it.

The molding material will not harm precious metals.  We supply two bamboo sticks for for removing residual molding material that may get trapped in tiny spaces. 

For best results, it is best to manicure your nails as long nails can tear the alginate mold. 

Having said that, you can artificially thicken long nails so they have much less of a chance of breaking during the de-molding process. Tape or petroleum jelly can be used to make the nails thicker prior to creating the mold. You still need to be extra careful when removing the hand from the mold so that the nails do not tear the inside of the mold. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee that they will turn out perfectly.

As long as the hand remains submerged within and completely covered by the molding material during the setting process, the hand can be allowed to wiggle slightly within the material without affecting the final mold. Remaining steady for the final 5-10 seconds is ideal.

The best option for repair is to use a super/crazy glue or Duco cement to reattach the piece. Wait until the casting has dried and then add glue to the detached end and then hold it in place for at least 1 minute until the glue holds (see individual glue directions). If needed, fresh casting stone mix can be applied to the outside area of the break to fill in any gaps or chips (if there are any).