Gift Sets

    Delight your loved ones with unique gift sets from Pasignia that offer an experience beyond the ordinary. These sets create unforgettable memories!

    Our Family / XL Hand Casting Kit (3 to 6 hands) is a standout, perfect for families or groups of friends looking for an engaging and unique activity. This hand casting gift lets you capture a precious moment in time, preserving the love and togetherness that binds your loved ones.

    The Hand Casting Kit for 2 + Display Case is another favourite, providing all the essentials for a perfect hand mould gift. It's ideal for couples, best friends, or family, allowing you to create a lasting representation of your bond.

    Unsure which kit to choose? No worries! Our Gift Cards, available for $25-$150, allow recipients to select their own hand casting experience.

    And if that’s not enough, you can also explore our Family/Large and 2 Hand Kit collections for even more size and quantity options. 

    At Pasignia, our passion lies in helping you create tangible memories through the extraordinary art of hand casting. So, why wait? Dive in and start your creative journey today!