Best Sellers

    Dive into the captivating domain of hand casting with Pasignia's collection of Best Sellers. Brimming with an air of artistic flair, our hand casting kits and bundles are a gateway to a world of creativity. Non-toxic and safe on the skin, our kits are the perfect activity to share with loved ones.

    The Hand Casting Kit for Two is truly one-of-a-kind. It's ideal for couples, best friends or families and captures a cherished moment of love and affection. Buy alone, in a bundle or with a beautiful display case. You can make multiple creations and display them for everyone to see.

    If you’d like to create multiple hand casts, we highly recommend our Standard + Large Kit Bundle. This pack includes two kits — one for casting two hands and another for casting a larger group of up to six. With this bundle, you can share the joy of hand casting with family, friends, and that special someone.

    Looking for even more hand casting fun? Explore our Family/Large, 2 Hand Kit and Gift Set collections and create memories that last a lifetime.